Friday, December 15, 2017

My new website!

I'm really excited about my online portfolio and my new website! I have been writing for magazines and Bible study publications for almost 20 years now! I have hundreds of published articles in my portfolio and have really enjoyed my freelance writing career through the years. I have kept a portfolio of all my published writing in three-ring binders for many years, but recently I decided to put samples of my writing online and build a website.

I have really been thankful for the opportunities I have had to write for Seventh-day Adventists publications, some of which are published internationally. Some of my writing has even been translated into several languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, German, and others.
As a work-from-home writer and editor, it has always been challenging to balance working-from-home and "life"! But despite the craziness that working from home can sometimes create, I do feel really blessed to have had the opportunities to write for ministry resources and meet interesting people when interviewing for feature articles in magazines.

Writing has been my absolute PASSION for many years, and I have worked really hard to find freelance writing opportunities!

Lately, I have been doing less freelance writing, and that is actually something I am really excited about! I am writing a book and planning to write other books in the near future, too! I am planning to self-publish books, and have been researching and exploring the best ways to do that.

I have wanted to write a book for many years, but the time never seemed quite right because I was busy getting married, working, going to graduate school, growing our family, and organizing volunteer projects, and completing household projects! Life does not stop for us to pursue our dreams, I am learning that more and more the older I get.

Life is busy, but you just gotta make time for what is important!  

I'm starting my personal writing projects by publishing a vegetarian cookbook! There will be more details about my cookbook and a count down of recipes in the next few weeks after the holidays!