Monday, February 11, 2019

2019! Writing, Editing, and Research

2019 is here! I am working hard to get writing and editing projects completed! Last year, writing and editing were items that I had relegated to the "as time permits" category in my life. But, I am planning for 2019 to be the year that status changes! Big time! Writing is going to become scheduled time, because I have some really exciting projects in my queue!  I am so excited to start sharing more updates with you here on my website blog! I am busy getting everything with my personal writing projects organized right now, while handling multiple deadlines for writing and editing freelance work!

Working from home is a juggling act! Add to that, my difficulty in saying "no" to helping with activities, events, and ministries! I love being involved with PTA at my son's school, and serving on the children's ministries team at my church, and just generally being available to friends and family for help or for fun get-to-gethers! Just being the housewife (not desperate) and Mommy in my home is enough to send me over the edge of sanity sometimes! Life has many details that often go unnoticed, but if someone (me) doesn't take care of them they can cause a lot of trouble. Think rock in your sock... small detail, but lots of trouble! Keeping up with the responsibilities of life is a challenge, but with God's strength I can do all things (Philippians 4:13)!

I am currently working on an article for my wonderful alma mater, Southern Adventist University! I love to write for the Columns magazine, which is their alumni publication. It contains many interesting stories about what is happening on campus and stories about alumni. I have a few samples of articles I have written for Columns on my Publications page. Check the PDFs of them out! I really enjoy writing for Columns and staying connected, at least in a small way, with Southern! Afterall, it was there on that beautiful campus, where I first started to learn, from some of the best professors, how to be a professional writer and communicator. Dorm life, friends, Collegedale, classes, ministries, and so much more were all some great memories made!

But back to my 2019 updates! This month, I am also beginning the process of editing another book for Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin! I am excited to partner with her again to get her great marriage and family counseling resources into the hands of readers! This book is going to be DYNOMITE!  Watch for more details when it is published in the near future! Take a look at other books I edited for Dr. Kim!

Research is another area of focus I have been putting as much time into as possible. I am researching to write about my Mom's World War II survival story! I can't share more details on that yet, but I can tell you that I am very much looking forward to writing this wonderful, amazing, miracle-filled story! I know it will touch the hearts of many people and help their faith in God to grow stronger!

My 2019 is starting out fantastic! I hope yours is too!