Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Building my Online Portfolio

I am in the process of gaining a broader perspective on the business of writing. The first thing I admire about successful writers is their books and articles, but then I love to visit and explore their websites! It is really inspiring to see their biography, their books, a news feed with what is new for them and the writing projects they are working. I decided to make a website about my writing, too! It is really important for writers to have a website, because it creates a "store front" for people to visit and see what projects and products the writer is working on or have completed.

One of the first parts of my website is the portfolio tab where I am giving people the opportunity to read a selection of the articles I have published in the past few years. It will also give me a place to organize and display my writing and share it with family, friends, and professional colleagues. I hope you will take the time to read the articles I have posted on here!

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